Be Punctual

Be Punctual 3.0

A simple tool which includes Alarm Clock, Reminder and Human voice time teller
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Be Punctual, great Alarm Clock software and teller. With this tool you can set alarm for different days of the week. It also includes a Reminder, and a voice time teller (human voices available both male and female). Never forget anything again or spend too many hours surfing on the Internet or playing again.

With the reminder tool you can set reminders for entire year and never miss anything; keep track of important events like birthdays, parties, meetings etc. And with the voice time teller you can listen to the current time in natural human voice as time passes. Additionally it gives the option to set the alarm tone to your favorite MP3 or .wav files.

Even though it has a simple user interface which very easy to handle, a video instruction is provided at the website explaining its operation. Furthermore the alarm clock can set different or same alarm for seven days of the week.

The best freeware, lite application of its own kind. Available for Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Raul Iniguez
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  • Multiple alarm set
  • Plays MP3 as tone
  • Automatic reminder


  • Doesn't display mutiple set alarms, only the current
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